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Heritage Hub

Beginning its life as Hawick’s Corn Exchange, the building now known as Heritage Hub very quickly moved from agricultural use to being used for concerts and other public functions. In 1910 it was purchased by an entertainment company to show "moving pictures". The cinema had several names over the years from the Empire to, most recently, the Marina.

The building functioned as Humphreys and Bogarts bar and nightclub before a severe fire destroyed much of the original building in 1992. What remained after demolition was extended and converted into the Heritage Hub building as purpose built storage for the Scottish Border's archives.

Genealogy, family and local history

When you visit Heritage Hub for the first time you’ll be asked to register. Please bring two forms of identification (at least one must be photographic). You can download and complete the registration form (PDF) before visiting.

You can visit our search room to look at documents (you may be able to prepare in advance with our online catalogue). The facilities at Heritage Hub are open to anyone to do their own research. The service is free, with charges only made for printing and photocopies. Alternatively browse our books and look at the displays. Book a seat for ScotlandsPeople (£15 a day). Bring your own laptop, tablet or smartphone and take advantage of our free WiFi to study other history resources.



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